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SWISS and business travel provider Finass team up to further promote sustainable air travel

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SWISS has concluded a new partnership with Finass, the business travel provider. Under the collaboration – the first of its kind in Switzerland – Finass will work with SWISS to offer its corporate customers the use of sustainable aviation fuel in their air travel activities, to make these carbon-neutral.

Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) and business travel provider Finass have concluded a new partnership. Under the collaboration, which is the first of its kind in Switzerland, Finass’s corporate customers can opt to purchase sustainable aviation fuel or SAF for their air travel activities from 1 June onwards. By supporting such use of SAF, Finass’s customers will reduce the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions caused by their air travel activities, and thereby make a tangible contribution to promoting sustainable aviation.

“We are delighted to be further intensifying our long-standing Finass collaboration,” says Marco Willa, SWISS’s Head of Regional Sales Switzerland. “In committing to offering its customers the sustainable fuel option, Finass is taking on a pioneering role within the air transport sector. Commitments of this kind help tangibly promote the development of such sustainable fuels; and this in turn enables our entire industry to move closer to its goal of carbon-neutral flying.”

Finass Reisen AG CEO Claudine Furrer is equally enthusiastic. “We are very pleased to be the first business travel provider in Switzerland to offer their customers carbon-neutral air travel through SAF, in collaboration with SWISS and the Lufthansa Group,” she says. “Finass has set itself some ambitious climate objectives. And we’re proud that, with this new customer option, we can make a substantial contribution to promoting sustainable air travel.”

Carbon-neutral flying through the use of SAF

Sustainable fuels are non-fossil fuels that close the carbon cycle. Switching from fossil fuels to SAF should make the air travel of tomorrow virtually carbon-neutral. The sustainable fuels available at present are largely manufactured from biogenic waste such as used cooking oils.

Sustainable aviation fuels are not yet available in sufficient quantities, however, and are also significantly more expensive than conventional jet fuel. SWISS is therefore taking specific actions and engaging in targeted collaborations to support both the development and the increased production of SAF. Developing new sustainable fuel products is a key element in these endeavours.



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