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Volotea confirms 20th base at Brest Bretagne airport in France


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Volotea, the airline connecting small and mid-sized European cities, has announced a new base in Brest, the capital of Brittany, France, where it will operate with an Airbus A320 aircraft from April 2024 to improve connectivity in the region and support local economic growth through the creation of 30 direct jobs and almost 200 indirect jobs. This brings the company's total number of bases in France to nine, contributing to a network of 20 bases across Europe.

The airline began operations in Brest ten years ago, and since then, it has carried almost 700,000 passengers on more than 5,300 flights. This new base in France further consolidates Volotea's position as a leader in domestic routes in the country, a strategic move aligning with the company's objectives of enhancing connectivity in the Brittany region, boosting passenger numbers, and fostering local employment opportunities. So far, in 2023, the company has carried more than 95,000 passengers, 67% more than in 2022, with an average occupancy rate of 95%. In addition, during this period, it has operated 58% more flights than the previous year, reaching 580.

The new base's opening will result in a significant increase in routes and frequencies. Consequently, in 2024, Volotea is set to launch a historic offer of nearly 400,000 seats, tripling its 2023 capacity (1,226% vs. 2013) for flights to and from Brest. Additionally, the airline anticipates carrying over 345,000 passengers next year, a 190% growth compared to 2023 (1,630% vs. 2013).

In terms of 2024 destinations, Volotea will add 13 more to the seven it had this year and will connect the airport with three new countries: Italy, Portugal, and Greece. The company will connect Brest-Bretagne Airport with Athens, where it will offer more than 20,500 seats on 114 flights, with two weekly frequencies, on Tuesdays and Saturdays; Barcelona, with an offer of more than 26,600 seats on 148 flights, with two weekly frequencies, on Mondays and Fridays; Faro, making available 21,000 seats on 116 flights, with two weekly frequencies, on Thursdays and Sundays; and Palermo, with 21,000 seats on 116 flights and two weekly frequencies, on Mondays and Fridays. In addition, new destinations will be announced in the coming weeks.



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